STRAIGHTJACKET is out and about. Check out the coverage it’s been getting, as well as interviews from yours truly, by clicking on the ripped-from-the-headlines screen captures below.


4.1.13                                                                                              MTV Hollywood Crush



4.14.13                                                                                              Young Adult Magazine

 young adult mag

4.4.13                                                                                              The Busy Bibliophile

 busy bibliophile


3.24.13                                                                                              For the Love of Lit

for the love of lit


3.21.13                                                                                              Burning Tree Reads

burning tree reads


3.13.13                                                                                             Xavier Magazine Extra



2.26.13                                                                                           YAtopia



2.20.13                                                                                            Emily Levenson

 emily levenson


2.20.13                                                                                            The Kabrini Message

 kabrini message


2.16.13                                                                                            One YA Editor

 one YA editor


2.15.13                                                                                           I Like These Books

 i like these books

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