All about me

I’m Meredith, and I write books.

I’ve written five, to be exact.

Before I dedicated myself to writing fiction full-time, I had lots of different jobs. I taught high school English after I graduated from Wellesley. A teacher yelled at me for using the faculty bathroom since she thought I was a student. As you might imagine, looking like a 17-year-old made it hard to discipline teenagers.

After three years I decided to move on and grow a mustache. Just kidding about the mustache.

I worked as an editor of a trade magazine catering to salons and spas. The perks: a lifetime supply of hair products (ever try a hair mask? I have) and some crazy expensive fancy haircuts in New York (plus a horrendous dye job of four fire-engine red streaks that left me in tears).

That was a pretty rad job, though.

Later I did freelance work for a bunch of educational publishing companies. I wrote loads of tests and review books. Then I copyedited for a medical journal. I learned how to spell lots of cool words like “ischemia” and “Rex fossa.” I still don’t know what they mean.

Eight years ago I sat down and wrote my first novel, STRAIGHTJACKET, which Etopia Press released in February 2013. I also wrote a second novel. Then a third. And then a fourth and a fifth. You get the idea. I’m currently looking for a literary agent who gives me the warm fuzzies.

Oh, and I tweet about random things. Like being forced into a fist bump at the gym. You can follow me @mtprose and keep up with my Instagram photos @towbinma.


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